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By Sofier

Technical specifications of  C48 carton box


1-  Each box consists of two pieces ( top and bottom ), the word top should be put on the top & the word bottom on the bottom one.

  • Each piece consists of one part with string seamed from one side only.
  • The carton consists of/ 5/ internal layers.
  • the total thickness of 5 layers should not be less than /6/ mm.
  • The weight of the carton box should not be less than/12.5/ kg.
  • The internal dimensions of bottom piece( 1100 x 670 x 720 ) mm.

2- Grammage of each layer  :

  • Outer layer ( kraft ) should notbe less than 400 gr/sqm.
  • Medium layer should notbe less than 400 gr/sqm.
  • Inner layer should notbe less than 400 gr/sqm.
  • Flute B should notbe less than 150 gr/sqm.
  • Flute C should notbe less than 150 gr/sqm.

3– each box is provided with two card board sheets of the following dimensions:

  • Length 900 mm
  • Width500 mm

4-  packing :

 the weight of tobacco which is filed in each box is 200 kg. at least five boxes are placed above each other during storage, knowing that’s each box will expose to high pressure during press  process .

5- Each box should be used twice at least.

6- the boxes should be used easily as the bottom piece can be slide easily inside the top one tightly

7- the supplier should provide general conditions of ( temp + humidity )


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C48 carton box China supplier

C48 carton box China supplier


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