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Corrugated Kraft Paper Board Box, technically called Corrugated Fibre Board Box is the most popular shipping container, nowadays. The box is manufactured from the corrugated board which consists of 3 or more layers of kraft paper. The middle fluted layer is pasted with two flat parallel sheets of paper. The boxes find their number of applications in the packaging of chemicals & drugs, tobacco, engineering goods, canned & bottled goods, food products, lamps, electrical appliances, glassware, etc. Packaging plays a very important role in the country’s economy. Till recently only the western world, more particularly the developed countries cared about proper packaging. However, now even developing countries like India have changed their outlook towards packaging and in the last few years increasing stress has been laid on improved and proper packaging. In fact, today, the packaging is as important as the contents. Corrugated boards were first produced in India in the early fifties. Since then the production of Corrugated boards has increased steadily. Corrugated boxes have replaced wooden boxes & crates in many applications. Today, about 80% of all shipments in the world are being made in fibreboard boxes. In India, about 60% of the packaging is being done with corrugated fibreboard boxes.


Corrugated Board: Corrugated fibreboard consists of a flat layer of the paper sheet (liner) glued on one or both sides of a corrugated paper (medium). The corrugated board is made by passing two layers of paper (usually kraft) through a corrugating machine. One layer of paper becomes corrugated after being passed thro’ the heated rolls and the other is brought into contact with it after the former having glued at tips. The corrugating ‘medium’ is generally made from a 0.009″ thick (9 calipers) or 0.23 mm. The glue frequently used is starch or silicate of soda adhesive. When only one-liner is used, the product is known as a “Single face” or “two-ply” board. This board is flexible in one direction. When the corrugated medium is combined on both sides with flat sheets, it is known as double-faced or “3-ply board”. Advantages of Corrugated Fibre Board Boxes:- Corrugated fibreboard boxes have replaced wooden and tin containers due to their several advantages for safe transportation of the goods.


These are discussed hereunder :

  • Light in weight (freight advantage)
  • Cellular structure with high compressive strength, resiliency & shock resistance. Assured safety to delicate articles.
  • Can be stored conveniently in the folded condition when not in use, thus saving storage space.
  • Can be attractively printed, thus advertising advantage.
  • By lining, lamination, or coating, they can be made water-resistant and resistant to other adverse conditions.
  • Easy to fabricate.
  • Contents packed in these boxes remain dust-free.
  • Available throughout the year. .pa
  • Expedites production due to one line conveyor packing.
  • Re-usable
  • No strapping necessary
  • Desired in the export market
  • Eliminated dependency on natural wood.


Applications:- Corrugated fiber board boxes are being used for the packing of industrial as well as consumer goods. They are used for packing chemicals, drugs, tobacco, engineering goods, canned and bottled goods (such as Whisky, Beer, Soda, Drinking Water, Ketchup, etc.), food, electrical appliances, confectionary, textiles, fruits, vegetables, potteries, footwear, glasswares and other fragile items, medical instruments, photographic equipment and a number of other products.


The use-pattern of corrugated board containers is approximate as follows:- (%)

Chemicals & Drugs 20

Tobacco 20

Engineering Goods 10

Canned & bottles goods 10

Light Engg.Products & Lamps 8

Electrical products 5

Confectionery 3

Textiles 2

Other (including fruits, potteries, etc.) 22


Some of the products where corrugated fibreboard boxes find extensive application are:

  1. Pharmaceuticals.
  2. Glassware, crockery ware
  3. Soaps & Cosmetics
  4. Biscuits
  5. Hosiery & ready-made garments
  6. Electronic products
  7. Breweries
  8. Cigarettes
  9. Footwears
  10. Toys
  11. Milk products & other food items
  12. Tea & Coffee
  13. Automobile components
  14. Rubber & rubber products
  15. Engineering items and consumer durables like refrigerators, TVs, Air Coolers, fans etc.
  16. Stationery items
  17. Matchboxes
  18. Frozen fish
  19. Apple, cherry, grapes, etc.
  20. Cashew nut industry


It would not be an exaggeration if one states that practically every product at some of the other stage, has to be packed in corrugated paper board or box. Usually, at the manufacturer/wholesaler’s level, the individual units of a particular item are packed together in a carton/corrugated box for the sake of convenience in handling/transporting.


The strength or weakness of corrugated paperboard depends upon the member of ply, which varies from 2 ply to 9 ply. The higher the member of the ply, the thicker and stronger will be the board. However, the strength required will depend upon the purpose for which the corrugated board/box is to be used. For example, to pack vials and tubes, a thinner quality or lesser ply corrugated board would serve the purpose, while packing of a television set or an air-conditioner will require a very sturdy corrugated box with maximum ply. Similarly for electric lamps, a 2 ply flexible board is used. The unit shall manufacture corrugated boxes of varying plies to suit various needs.


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