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By Sofier

We crate a list of 30 Americas countries, you can simply search for them and contact them which company we have mentioned below, top 30 best companies of packaging boxes in Americas.



1. Cartonera West – Boxes and Containers

Address: Montecaseros 2030, M5500 Mendoza, Argentina

Tel: +542614235270

Plus code: 45C9+3H Mendoza, Capital Department, Mendoza Province, Argentina

Products: Packaging boxes, shipping boxes.



2. Packing S.A.

Address: De los Alemanes 4625, X5022 EPF, Córdoba, Argentina

Tel: +548107777225

Plus code: MQ4C+J4 Córdoba, Cordoba, Argentina



Our company was founded in 1988, with a clear goal: to provide comprehensive packaging solutions to the market, based on constant product innovation and management aimed at solving customers’ packaging challenges. To this end, it incorporates national and international representations of products and services, and with the support of these large companies, begins the development of novel items already used in other parts of the world. Thus, Packing incorporates the first packaging tape printer in Córdoba, manages to position itself as the only local supplier of these products for many years and becomes an unavoidable reference in the provision of this input. As the broadest portfolio of packaging products in the interior of the country was being formed, The consolidation of a committed and supportive human group was fundamental for the expansion and growth of the company. In 2011, and as a result of the sustained increase in activity, the company moved to a new 4,000 m2 site, which allowed it to develop new planned ventures, among which the manufacture of stretch film and the production of boxes stand out. of corrugated cardboard to measure, on a small scale. This last process was completed in 2016 with the incorporation of a state-of-the-art digital printer for corrugated cardboard of American origin, unique in the country, and takes the customization of the customer’s packaging to the extreme by allowing printing from a single box. The launch of this new website with e-commerce service, endorses the founding objective of innovation and management,


3. Amcor Tobacco Packaging Cachoeirinha

Address: Av. Frederico Augusto Ritter, 8000 – Distrito Industrial, Cachoeirinha – RS, 94970-470, Brazil

Tel: +555130745454

Plus code:4W83+C4 Distrito Industrial, Cachoeirinha – State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil


We are a global leader in developing and producing responsible packaging for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, medical, home- and personal-care, and other products.


4. Packing Impresores limitada

Address:San Diego 666, Santiago, Región Metropolitana, Chile

Tel: +56226980426

Plus code: G8WX+GX Santiago, Chile

Products: white card paper box, fruit box



5. Colombiana de Empaques y Suministros

Address: Cra. 81b #9-44, Bogotá, Cundinamarca, Colombia

Tel: +5714240458


Packaging Machinery
Paper & Board

Colombiana de Empaques y Suministros (CES), a  company located in the city of Bogotá, has more than 15 years of experience in packaging solutions. Likewise, the company is dedicated to the production of bubble wrap, manila bubble envelopes and distribution of other products related to the protection of its merchandise.



6. Cajas de Cartón – Más Cartón

Address:Av Diego Vásquez de Cepeda Oe3-47, Quito 170144, Ecuador

Tel: +593987281408

Plus code: VGW8+6J Quito, Ecuador


MÁS CARTÓN is a company that was born in 2017 with the idea of ​​providing recycled and new packaging, boxes and cardboard; at a cheaper price, giving a second life to the cardboard.

Our experience in the market and the desire to offer our customers the perfect solution for packaging and conditioning their products, has led us to develop different packaging options in various materials.


7. Embal’Tout Guyane Diffusion Cayenne

Address: 18 Lotissement Terranga – Rocade de Zéphir, Cayenne 97300, French Guiana

Tel: +594594314674

Plus code: WMQV+PR Cayenne, French Guiana


Present on the Guyanese market for more than 20 years and accredited with an excellent reputation,  Embal’Tout Guyane Diffusion is the guarantee  of a reliable and complete service,  from order taking to delivery 

We offer a wide variety of ranges and products  in terms of bags & food packaging,  interviews and professional hygiene products  in reusable dishes party decorations.  


8. Cartokraft

Address: Hipólito Vieytes 751, B1603BVO Villa Martelli, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Tel: +541147097005

Plus code: FF3P+8Q Villa Martelli, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina


Cartokraft SRL supplies since 1991 corrugated cardboard boxes to the food, metallurgical, pharmaceutical, and export industries in general, among others.

In 1998, it introduced technology in Argentina that allows it to create the only corrugated cardboard packaging line without minimum quantities: its SPB (Speed ​​Personal Box) division, which produces custom boxes, per unit and at high speed.

Over the years, following this commitment to customization, state-of-the-art technology has been incorporated and production capacity expanded.



9. Cartones Yaguarete – Tienda 1

Address: 1209 Asunción, 1229, Paraguay

Tel: +595983922194

Plus code: PC77+G8 Asunción, Paraguay








10. Productos Tippic SAC

Address: Los Tapiceros 185, Lima 15023, Peru

Tel: +5116524490

Plus code: W2PJ+FQ Ate, Peru






Address: Felix Maria Olmedo 3568, 11700 Montevideo, Departamento de Montevideo, Uruguay

Tel: +59897421772

Plus code: 4QMV+F2 Montevideo, Montevideo Department, Uruguay

Products:color box, cardboard boxes


Packaging.uy was born as a business area within the International Moving Business (IMB SA) company and faced with the need to provide packaging solutions throughout Uruguay.

It is an Uruguayan company and we are mainly dedicated to the sale in small quantities of all kinds of boxes and packaging materials.
Our goal is to provide good quality materials and reach all people who need boxes and packaging materials in small quantities at a low price!



12. Corrugados Belén

Address: Heredia Province, Belén, Costa Rica

Tel: +50622935737

Plus code: XRRM+94 Belén, Heredia Province, Costa Rica


In 1955, Mr. Gabriel Lewis Galindo ventured into the business of manufacturing corrugated cardboard boxes , during which he established contacts in banana marketing companies that, due to the disease known as “Panama disease”, had problems exporting bananas in bunches, this being the way they were transported in those times.



13. Smurfit Kappa El Salvador

Address: Blvd. Del Ejercito Nacional km 7 1/2 San Salvador CP, 1116, El Salvador

Tel: +50322516100

Plus code: MVW6+MF Soyapango, El Salvador


Packaging Machinery
Paper & Board

Our experience and expertise creates new opportunities for our clients. We are constantly updating our designs and innovations in the world of paper packaging to give and provide the best options.

Most of our raw materials come from our own mills, thus consistency is a key attribute of our products. We help our clients to reduce their carbon footprint since our products are 100% renewable and are produced in an environmentally friendly way.




14. D’emballage

Address: Oficina 1207 17 Avenida 19-70 Ciudad de Guatemala, 01010, Guatemala

Tel: +50222036728

Plus code: HFQW+78 Guatemala City, Guatemala


In recent years, plastic pallets have been a trend in Guatemala and around the world due to the multiple benefits they offer in the storage and export of merchandise. In the case of the latter, plastic pallets do not require a fumigation certificate since they are exempt from the ISPM-15, and to store they are more hygienic, resistant and durable, with which you will avoid constantly renewing them.



15. Sweet Box

Address: Residencia Prados Universitario, Frente a Gasolinera Uno, Tegucigalpa 11101, Honduras

Tel: +50433091328

Plus code: 3RPV+QF Tegucigalpa, Honduras


Paper & Board



16. Darville Packaging Ltd.

Address: Tedder St, Nassau, Bahamas

Tel: +12423562570

Plus code: +12423562570


Darville Packaging Ltd. is a Bahamian owned and operated company based in Nassau which has been in business since 1991. As a Bahamian company we feel we know the needs of each customer.

Our knowledge of the local market and conditions in The Bahamas allows us to provide you with personalized and timely service with very competitive prices and the best quality possible that is not available from our local and foreign competitors.



17. Barbados Packaging Industries Ltd.

Address: Applewhaites, Bridgetown, Barbados

Tel: +12464257225

Plus code: 5C6F+GX Bridgetown, Barbados

Established over 60 years ago in Trinidad (1954), CPI (Caribbean Packaging Industries) is the hub for Caribbean operations of Canadian Overseas Packaging which manufactures corrugated paper packaging. Other Caribbean operations include JPI (Jamaica Packaging Industries) established in 1953, and BPI (Barbados Packaging Industries) established in 1982 and Corrpak in Jamaica acquired in 2016.



18. Pacífic Global Dominicana

Address: Km. 22, Parque Industrial de Zona Franca Las Américas Marginal de la, Autopista Las Americas, Santo Domingo Este 11606, Dominican Republic

Tel: +18095492030

Plus code: F78R+5W Santo Domingo Este, Dominican Republic


Packaging Machinery

Founded in 1952, Pacific Packaging Products Inc. provides expert business solutions to increase our customers’ competitive edge and profitability. Whether it is in packaging design, packaging manufacturing and converting, packaging equipment and automation, or the utilization of Pacific’s unparalleled USA coast-to-coast, Canadian, Mexican and Caribbean infrastructure to deliver lean, supply chain solutions, Pacific is the optimal partner for your demanding business. Pacific has the leverage and reach of a large multinational corporation, with the flexibility and innovation of a family owned, independent company.



19. Sterling Packaging

Address: 19 Bell Rd, Kingston, Jamaica

Tel: +18769372800

Plus code: X5VG+H2 Kingston, Jamaica


    • GLASS

Sterling Packaging is a Jamaican owned family business, with offices and manufacturing plant at 19 Bell Road in Kingston, Jamaica.

We have, over the years, established a track record in the packaging industry as a credible supplier of corrugated cardboard boxes, paper bags and glass bottles to our customers. With a team of experienced personnel, we are confident in our ability to deliver packaging solutions, whether from our wide range of stock items or specially designed to meet your custom needs.



20. International Shipping PR

Address: 220 Calle Ingeniero Manuel Domenech #1, San Juan, 00918, Puerto Rico

Tel: +17872828603

Plus code: CW7Q+XP San Juan, Puerto Rico


Packaging Machinery

International Shipping PR located at 220 Calle Manuel Domenech, San Juan PR is the go-to resource for packing, shipping, printing and business service needs of the residents and businesses of San Juan, PR. Our team of dedicated, professionally trained experts understands the meaning of Super-Star Customer Care—we focus on saving you time and money by ensuring you get the right products and services at the right price—in a single, quick visit.

We can pack and ship [almost] anything to [almost] anywhere in the world, but shipping is only one way we can help to make your life easier. In addition to our pack and ship service, we are also San Juan’s premier copy, print and document services center.  Large or small, black and white or color; if it can be printed, International Shipping PR can handle it!



21. Master Packaging Co.

Address: 1608 Av. Jesús T. Piñero, San Juan, 00921, Puerto Rico

Tel: +17877751054

Plus code: CW24+42 San Juan, Puerto Rico


In a competitive marketplace, packaging is so much more than just placing your product in a box, it’s an opportunity to “wow” your customer! As a custom packaging company, our mission is to provide you with all the package solutions your business may need. From custom bags, boxes, envelopes, to even tags… We got you covered.Brand Packaging can be a game changer for your business.
The most powerful brands in the world are already doing it… And now you can too!Get the best quality package on the market at the best price!




22. Caribbean Packaging Industries Ltd.

Address: Eastern Main Road, San Juan, Trinidad & Tobago

Tel: +18686384426

Plus code: MH28+4Q San Juan, Trinidad & Tobago



Established in 1954, Caribbean Packaging Industries (CPI) is a fully owned subsidiary of Canadian Overseas Packaging Industries with affiliates in Jamaica and Barbados, and major manufacturing units in Nairobi and Mombasa in East Africa (East Africa Packaging Industries), and three plants in the United Kingdom (Encase Packaging). Our company has grown to be one of the leading packaging suppliers in the Caribbean.



23. Phillips Caribbean Marketing Packaging Supplies

Address: Signal Hill Rd, Signal Hill, Trinidad & Tobago

Tel: +18683291644

Plus code: 56JQ+48 Signal Hill, Trinidad & Tobago


  • Food Packaging Boxes
  • Custom Electronics Packaging
  • Custom Retail Packaging Boxes
  • Custom Soap Packaging Boxes


Widest variety of food packaging for food processors in Tobago. We carry various sizes and shapes of plastic and glass bottles and jars. We also stock clear plastic bags, shopping bags and paper bags. Specialty items include Pen-a-cool tubing, standing zip pouch bags and net bags. Full strength essences and food preservatives are also available.



24. Smith’s Agro and Packaging Supplies

Address: Grande Riviere Dennery, St. Lucia

Tel: +17587177403

Plus code: W3J9+H7 Belmont, St. Lucia



25. Compañía Argentina de Embalajes S.R.L.

Address: ENB, Roma 2666, B1678 Caseros, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Tel: +541147593542

Plus code: 9CRW+V3 Caseros, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina


  • Giveaway Packaging Boxes
  • Custom Boxboard Packaging
  • Gable Packaging Boxes
  • Shelf Ready Packaging Boxes
  • Apparel Packaging Boxes

Compañía Argentina de Embalajes SRL produces for the whole country the most complete line of single-sided corrugated cardboard for multiple applications of guaranteed superior quality.

Saligna or pine wood pallets, block or tie, standardized or disposable, of different sizes, with or without treatment, produced with fully automated machinery to guarantee quality.

Wooden drawers of different wood, measures, with or without treatment.



26. Smurfit Kappa Bag-in-Box Argentina

Address: Calle 14 N° 359 (lote 15) – Parque Industrial Pilar, B1629 MXA, Argentina

Tel: +541154531334

Plus code: H2XG+25 Fátima, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina


Our experience and expertise create new opportunities for our customers and we are constantly updating our pack design and innovations to provide the optimum choice and packaging supplies.

Almost all of the raw materials are sourced from our own paper mills, so consistency is always a key attribute of our products. Because those products are 100% renewable and produced sustainably, we help our customers reduce their environmental footprint.



27. The Custom Boxes Print | Custom Mailer Boxes | Custom Boxes | Custom Packaging Boxes | USA

Address: 7 Kingsbridge Dr, Edison, NJ 08820, United States

Tel: +17327082493

Plus code: HMR3+RX Edison, New Jersey, United States


The Custom Boxes Print is one of the growing packaging brands in the USA & Canada. We proudly say that after many years of hard work, we have achieved this high level of success. The logic behind our progress is our customers because we believe in satisfying customer is one of the key factors that takes us to this level. On the other hand, all our packaging solutions are available at much cheaper prices as compared to other brands in the market but we never compromise on the quality of our packaging box. There are three main materials that we use to manufacture our boxes, drainage, craft, and cardboard. Since these are common substances we use the best of them all.



28. The Custom Packaging Boxes

Address: 990 U.S. 287 Frontage Rd Ste 106 # 246, Mansfield, TX 76063, United States

Tel: +18009833094

Plus code: HVMC+65 Mansfield, Texas, United States


  • E-commerce Packaging Boxes
  • Food Packaging Boxes
  • Custom Electronics Packaging
  • Custom Retail Packaging Boxes
  • Custom Soap Packaging Boxes
  • Shipping & Mailer Packaging Boxes
  • Restaurant Takeaway Packaging
  • Packaging boxes with window

The Custom Packaging Boxes is a commended printing press that offers best and unique customized packaging printing solutions for more than a decade. We make use of modern printing offset and digital presses to ensure that all the packaging solutions we print would be of high quality. Also, we provide you a better way to print your packaging solutions.We aim to provide the best outcome similar to the one you have visualized in your mind for the satisfaction of our clients. Packaging for your professional and personal use are available in your desire stock. Moreover, Packaging boxes for shipment are manufactured with corrugated stock so that your product remains safe. To mention here, cardboard stock for your soap boxes, hair extension boxes, cardboard boxes, die cut boxes, window boxes, and cosmetic boxes are our expertise. As we make our products specifically for their use.



29. Usa Packaging

Address: 2201 S Union Ave, Chicago, IL 60616, United States

Tel: +18003009008

Plus code: V923+XG Chicago, Illinois, United States



30. Packaging Group

Address: 2125 US-12, Michigan City, IN 46360, United States

Tel: +12198792500

Plus code: P4HJ+QP Michigan City, Indiana, United States



Packaging Group is a multi-functional contract packager/co-packer, located in Michigan City, IN., 60 miles from downtown Chicago. Our multiple segregated contract Packaging suites enable us to provide a broad range of services, from FDA food filling, to cosmetic and industrial packaging. Our packaging suite approach enables us to deliver varying pricing levels for the different packaging suites.


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