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By Sofier

Recycled Packaging Made For All. When you purchase products made from recycled materials from Hongdu Paper, you and your customers can rest assured that you’re doing good things for the planet. We diligently source items made with reusable, recyclable, and compostable eco friendly packaging materials.

Hongdu Paper values earth-friendly products and is happy to provide an extensive inventory of eco friendly packaging options.

Eco-Friendly Paper Boxes

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Hongdu Paper as a professional manufacture specialize in providing cardboard boxes, cardboard packages and corrugated boards boxes for packaging.Customers can get mailer boxes or folder boxes of various shapes, sizes, colors, types, or materials. We also have professional designing team to offer the facility of designing your own mailer boxes.

Why Choose Hongdu Paper?
Here are the most engaging reasons why you should get your packaging from us and never regret:

  • Free Design Support—Not only produce the existing design but also “OEM” for you.From custom box shapes, custom box printing to custom box cardboard material, almost all your needs are covered by us. We have full-customization experience.
  • Cost Effective Price—Our price is competitive and affordable,when you compared it with other company..
  • Professional offset Printing—Our Offset Printing is guaranteed to be highly professional,and it will make your product stand out.
  • World-wide Delivery Logistics— Hongdu Paper is located in Qingdao so we have unique advantage in Shipping logistics. No matter you want us to use express, sea shipping or air shipping, we are always able to cover your needs.

Buy an Eco-Friendly Paper Boxes from Hongdu Paper

If you are looking for Eco-Friendly Paper Boxes manufacturers in China, you are in the right site. Hongdu-paper.com is the right choice for you.

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