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By Sofier

Customized printed boxes are the most effective way to enhance your company brand appearance, attract attention, and help consumers easily recognize your products.

Plain boxes are usually used as shipping, have your packaging stand out with custom packaging boxes and relish a professional appearance by adding your company logo, company name, brand tagline, website, with elegant colorful designs.

Custom packaging has become the inevitable demand of the retail and packaging industry. If your packaging is not distinctive and unique, then it is good for nothing.

Imagine yourself standing in a mall in front of the shelves where your product and hundreds of the same products made by your competitors are on display.

custom boxes Customized Printed Box

With the undeniable importance and extensive demand of custom packaging box products all over the world, we firmly believe that the packaging is as important as the product itself. Wholesale Custom packaging of a product, whether it is FMCG product or a cosmetics product, gives the sure shot guarantee to give your product the exposure that it needs to get sold.

Because when one enters in a mall, they do not see the product, but its packaging, and if the packaging does not sell, the product will not have any chance. This is why you need extraordinary custom packaging.

Why not be steps ahead of your rivals and add some unique visual interest to your customized packaging boxes.

How will you know what sort of custom packaging is good for you? You can choose to have cardboard boxes, white cardboard boxes, kraft boxes or corrugated boxes,color printed paper boxes.

If you wonder what is in personalized packaging for you and your business, here is the answer: material, colors, shapes & structure, design & finish. Be careful when you choose material and paint colors, keep in mind the image of your product that you are trying to represent with your customized printed boxes.

Custom Printed Boxes

Hongdu Paper has advanced equipment and experts in the printing industry that will give you proper guidance in case you are not sure of what kind of packaging solution suits your need or help you improve the outcome of your custom boxes.

Before ordering your first product packaging boxes, you should know the style of the boxes that would be best for your products.

The most famous and widely used style is tuck top, but you can not use tuck top boxes for packing all types of products. You must understand that what style of boxes would be best for your product.

If you are a newbie and don’t know the styles, then the easiest way is to see what style your competitors are using for their product. The best way is to enter a market and explore the packaging boxes of products that are similar to your product. I prefer this approach because you can feel the boxes in your hand.

In the packaging and printing market style, size, and color are not enough to make the most attractive boxes. Beside style, size and color, boxes material, lamination, foiling, embossing, and other useful features come that you can apply to enhance your custom boxes.

So if you have the boxes in your hand, you can easily see and feel the material, lamination, foiling and all the other add-ons. Or if you are still confused, feel free to contact our customer services and our sales representative will guide you through the whole process.

Customized Printed Boxes mailer box China

Hongdu paper as a experienced manufacture caters from niches to mass markets in all dimensions including gifting packaging and vegetables&fruits packaging, food packaging and beverages packaging, wholesale and retail, promotion and branding.

You can choose standard packaging or you can choose to make your own custom design we have every solution available made just for your business. Hongdu Paper is working in the custom packaging boxes industry for a decade.

We have developed custom packaging solutions perfectly adapted to our client’s needs.

Whether in terms of design, size or packaging typology, our packaging is 100% customized.

In fact, whatever your constraints, our mastery of design and production allows us to design customized printed boxes or packaging perfectly adapted to your products. Beyond production, we focus on the uses of our packaging and we are committed to offering our customers innovative packaging solutions.

Still, have some questions in mind? No problem, if you want to learn more about our custom packaging, please contact our export director or e-mail our customer support team right now.

In addition to the above information, we are living in an age where customization and personalization of products are in high demand. Products just not only have to look good or to be functional but they also have to feel unique to the audience. The markets are growing to be ever-competitive than before.

Hongdu Paper solemnly understands these vibes in the markets worldwide an offer product packaging solutions that cannot be challenged.

From a fine paper art design to huge corrugated boxes Hongdu Paper is best in their domain.

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