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By Sofier

Customized printed cardboard boxes are the most effective way to enhance your company brand appearance, attract attention, and help consumers easily recognize your products.Plain boxes are usually used as shipping, have your packaging stand out with custom packaging cardboard boxes and relish a professional appearance by adding your company logo, company name, brand tagline, website, with elegant colorful designs.


Choosing the right cardboard box for mailing can be one of the most significant challenges if you are a selective person. However, when it comes to custom mailer boxes, they have to perform double duties: firstly, it has to be perfect by its appearance. Secondly, custom-made cardboard boxes must have the potential to promote themselves in the marketplace.

There are several different types of mailer boxes; each is distinct from the other. Some are black cardboard boxes, while others are colored cardboard boxes. Hongdu Paper has got all varieties of mailer boxes to offer.


Custom mailer boxes:

We offer a wide range of high-quality custom product boxes. Custom mailer boxes, as the name suggests, mean regular-sized boxes used for mailing. We offer our clients to provide us with their company name or logo, as we can design a custom mailer box of their choice. While creating a fully custom-made mailer box for our client, we consider the size of the product, and the box is made accordingly. We never compromise on material quality for custom mailer packaging.

Cost of the mailer boxes:

Businesses do not opt for custom mailer boxes as they think they are costly. This is not the case with Blue Box Packaging; customers can get an instant quote and determine the cost before ordering. We suggest our clients consider various factors, for instance, the quantity required, weight, and design, as the price can only be finalized after these factors. We charge no hidden costs; customers can alter various factors to vary the value of customization according to their budget.


Tuck Top mailer boxes:

Tuck top mailer boxes are one of the most commonly used and preferred types of mailer boxes. These boxes ensure a safe and secure shipment of all kinds of products. Apart from this, Blue Box Packaging also offers corrugated stock that is totally by customer requirements. Custom Kraft mailer boxes are also available, keeping in view the varying demands of the customers.


Corrugated mailer boxes:

Such types of boxes are beneficial, especially when the product size is large. If the mailer box is intended to carry more products, corrugated mailer boxes are the preferred option. Such boxes provide significant benefits for shifting, bulk purchases, and oversized items. Corrugated mailers have three layers so that it can keep the balance of heavy products.


Mailer Boxes Manufacturer

Hongdu Paper also offers flat boxes, small postal boxes, and Kraft mailer boxes. Businesses can customize mailer boxes with their logo, picture, and text of their choice. We also deal in custom boxes and white cardboard stock. Customers can get mailer boxes of various shapes, sizes, colors, types, or materials. We also offer the facility of designing your mailer boxes. The add-on options for mailer boxes include lamination (either glossy or matte) stickers and decoration. Hope to cooperate with the same powerful business partner as you. Rest assured, you will get what you need within the minimum possible cost.


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